Photo by Gregg Roth
This enlarged view shows the bizarre spectacles that inspired both the game and this piece. Originally used as a blindfold during initiation ceremonies of the Oddfellows Lodge, the spectacles can hold different types of lenses. There were two sets of lenses made for use in the game. One used mirrors to enable the wearer to see simultaneously a fragmented view of what was in front of him and a clear view of what was to his/her right. The other lenses were red, enabling the wearer to read a message hidden beneath red markings in a book.

Between the eyes of the spectacles is a leather pouch holding a silver pendant which itself contains an eye. The pendant, purchased at a New York City magick shop, was also used as a prop in the game. By combining the pendant, the helmet, and the strange spectacles, the characters in the game were able to have a "transdimensional" experience.