I had the enormous good fortune to work as a fossil preparator at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago for four years. During that time I worked with hundreds of fossil specimens, removing them from the rock that had hidden them for millions of years and preparing them for study and display.

The museum did not have a dinosaur curator when I was there, so my colleagues and I prepared very few dinosaurs. But in 1996 John Flynn, chairman of the geology department, brought this specimen back from a field expedition to Madagascar. It was the last specimen I worked on at the museum.

Majungasaurus is a little-known dinosaur named for the Majunga desert in Madagascar, where the first specimen was found.

My experiences at the Field Museum were inspiring, and I continue to look back on those years with great fondness.

©1996 The Field Museum, Chicago, IL. Photograph by John Weinstein. Neg# GEO 86058