This is the second doll I ever made, also in the summer of 1981. It was Bentley who rescued the infant Superklutz from his crashed spaceship and then raised him as the heir of his employer, tycoon Henry Wadsworth. When Superklutz inherited the estate, Bentley became his faithful butler / sidekick / father figure. His main job was to prevent his superhero from making a complete fool of himself in public.

I had made a lot of nylon stocking Christmas tree ornaments in 1980, and Bentley's head was actually a leftover from that project -- too big for the tree. After I finished the Superklutz doll I decided to use the extra head for a new doll in the series, and thus Bentley. His vest is made from some scrap of old curtain I found around the house, and his shoes came from the children's department at the local K-Mart. (Several subsequent dolls were similarly outfitted.) I put wires inside his foam rubber hands so that the fingers would be poseable.

Photo by Roy L. Hale